Escal French Quality Seafood

Escal provides quality French specialties of Seafood. Pleasure to savour, food safety, and traceability contribute to the good quality products. Escal obtained several certifications, including IFS, bio européen, MSC, GlobalGAP and Label Rouge.


- Escal Mini-Scallops Prepared with Garlic Butter and Fines Herbs

- Escal Mussels in Crispy Wafer Shells with Garlic Butter, Tomato & Basil

- Escal Raw Premium Organic Salmon 2 Fillets without Skin

- Escal Raw Iceland Haddock 2 Fillet without Skin

- Escal Raw Wild Cod 2 Fillets without Skin

- Escal Organic Gourmet Prawns (Cooked & Peeled)