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Taiwan Penghu Uncle Shrimp Sauce

Taiwan Penghu Uncle Shrimp Sauce

HK$186.00 HK$100.00

Discount : 46.24%

Product code : 81125
Packing : 250gm / Bot
Storage :

Storage method:

This product does not contain preservatives.

Please keep it in the refrigerator after opening, and eat it as soon as possible.

Do not place it in direct sunlight, high temperature or high humidity.

Instructions :

Ingredients: salad oil, scallops, shrimp, cherry shrimp, garlic, chili, onion, sugar, sesame oil, etc.

Remark :

1). This product is vacuum sealed, please do not consume if the bottle cap is raised.
2). This product contains shellfish, shrimp, soybeans and their products, not suitable for those who are allergic to it.