About Us

We make a difference by sourcing and bringing you the premium food and beverages from around the globe. For convenience, you can shop on-line at this website or visit our retail shore to see, touch and feel the products you like. We proudly provide you imported frozen beef, lamb, pork and seafood from U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand and the rest of the world and genuine Japanese Wagyu. Why don’t you also spice up your recipes using our exquisite Jamie Oliver’s condiments, spices and mixes from Singapore? Or side your steak with our great potato – U.S.A. McCain French fries, potato wedges, potato CrossTrax and many others! Serve our great selection of table wines while enjoying your fine dinner. Or sip a nice coffee from Italian Moak or Darjeeling tea with a bite of our Belgian waffle. We also have a collection of butter & margarine, natural cheese, pastries, crepes, crème puffs & donuts, pasta & spaghetti, whole wheat crackers, Spanish cured ham, fruit juice and yoghurt and coffee machine - to provide you great solutions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, barbeque and parties! We are committed to give you a real bargain for fine food and deliver them right to your door. So have fun cooking!