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Arrival of UK Natural Pork raised without Antibiotics!


Brydock Farms's farm and production facilities are to the highest and most efficient standards. Pigs under its brand are raised without the use of antibiotics. Brydock Farms pride ourselves on rearing happy, healthy pigs, translating in to truly great tasting pork.

Real● Fish Meat


DoDo uses premium fish meat (Threadfin Bream –100% Sea Caught) for its products with no artificial flavourings. They are definitely 100% Natural Food for you and your family.

Cook traditional Korean cuisine at your home!


Nature's nature sauce includes Kalbi BBQ marinade, Bulgogi marinade, Japchae sauce, Topokki sauce, Stir-fried chicken sauce and Ponzu sauce. Ideal to mix the ingredients with sauce to enrich the Korean flavor of your cuisine.

100% natural Folkington's juices


Folkington'sjuices are 100% natural and are made from wonderful pure juices (not from concentrated juice) and are free from unnecessary artificial additives.

Korea Kpride Sausages


Korea Kpride Sausages is made by 100% eco-friendly Korean pork meat with no antibiotics which content reaches 91%, much more juicy and springy.

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